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how to create a mirrored or raid 1 volume in windows server 2003

Posted: 2009-02-23

Mirrored Volume or RAID 1 is implemented using two physical hard drivers that are same size for redundant reasons. The data is duplicated to both disks and if one fails the other continues to function until the failed disk is replaced. To create Mirrored Volume or RAID 1, follow these steps: 1. Install two physical hard drivers or make sure equal space is available on the installed physical drivers. 2. Right click My Computer or the Server Name. 3. Click on Manage. Computer Management console opens up. 4. Select Disk Management from the left panel. 5. Convert the disks to dynamic – right click and click on the disk and click “Convert to Dynamic”. 6. Once you change disks to Dynamic, Right click one of the disk and click on New Volume. New volume wizard starts up. 7. Select Mirrored and click next. 8. Add the two to the right panel and choose the correct volume size in MB. Click Next. 9. Click finish.

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