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how to create a login script that maps a network drive in windows server 2003 network

Posted: 2009-02-25

This demonstration creates an automated login script that deploys a batch file login script to network users or groups using group policy object (GPO). 1. Open a Textpad and type; a. net use z: servernamesharedfoldertomap /persist: yes. This simply will map the drive letter z to specified folder. Change the servername to your server and the root to your shared folder root. 2. Save as [filename.bat). Place file in network shared folder. The file must be batch file (.bat) in order to be executed. 3. Now, you will have to deploy the file using group policy;    a. Click Start -> All Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Group Policy Management. If you did not already install GPMC, download it from Microsoft.com and install.    b. Browse down and select the active directory object where to deploy the script and right click.    c. Click on “Create and link GPO here”.    d. Type the name of the GPO and click OK.    e. Right click the GPO you just created and click Edit.    f. Browse down the User Configuration -> Windows Settings -> double click Login Script.    g. Click Show Files button.    h. Copy and Paste the batch file in the opened folder.    i. Go back to the login script console and click Add.    j. Click browse and the batch file should be located in the logon default folder.    k. Select the batch file, click open, and click ok.

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