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how to cope with stress

Posted: 2015-02-11

Stress has become, without a doubt, our worst enemy. Late work hours, overdue bills, mortgage, traffic jams - all of these have a huge impact on our mental health. We are always on the run, juggling between meetings or running different errands. So it might be time to stop for a minute and think about what stress can do to us, before itís too late. Here are some tips on how to cope with stress: Turn your problems into challenges. You might find it easier to cope with your problems if you diminish their importance. And a challenge suggests a positive side which would encourage you to approach it with more optimism. Get rid of the negative influences, whether itís about people, places or activities. When you are not comfortable you build a tension inside that doesnít allow you to enjoy yourself. Say NO more often. If you donít want to do something just donít do it. You shouldnít try to please the others. Donít count on your memory all the time. Write down all the important things rather than trying to memorize everything. This will take some pressure off your mind. Stop believing that tomorrow will be a better day. Every day is a good day so enjoy every moment of it instead of wishing and hoping for something else. Know your limits. When you fail in something, you start questioning your abilities and you always end up depressed. Iím not saying you should look for excuses but maybe you didnít succeed simply because you were trying to do something that is not for you. Keep some moments for yourself. Each day, try to do an activity you love, at least for a few minutes. This will have a great positive impact on your mental health. Have a backup plan. When something goes South, donít just stand there and complaint. Think of something else and go to plan B. Clean your closet. This is a comforting activity and it also gives you a sense of structure. When you see your closet organized you may want to apply the same principle on everything else in your life.

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