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how to control remote users and vpn connections through remote access policy

Posted: 2009-03-04

This Remote Access Policy controls policy for connecting to the Remote Server and security standards required for computers to connect to the server. To configure remote access policy, follow these steeps; 1. Click Start -> All Programs -> Active directory Users & Computers. 2. Right click Remote Users Group or a Remote User and click Properties. 3. Click on the Dialing tab. a. In the Remote Access Permission {Dial in or VPN) section, Check “Control access through Remote Policy”. If you are in 2000 Native Mode forest or Windows 2003 forest, select “Allow Remote Access” in Mixed Mode forest. 4. In the Remote Access or VPN server. Click Start -> Routing & Remote Access. 5. Expand server tree, and right click Remote Access Policy and click Properties. 6. Check “Grant Remote Access Permission” box 7. To restrict days and times allowed for remote access, click policy conditions and click Edit. 8. Highlight the times to restrict in each day and select deny. To setup a session timeout so users do not idle; 9. Click on Edit Profile. 10. Check “Minutes server can remain idle before it is disconnected “and specify number of minutes. Controls server connection. 11. Check “Minutes client can remain idle before it is disconnected“and specify number of minutes. Controls client session timeout.

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