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how to connect lan for playing games and for sharing files

tulika yadav
Posted: 2015-04-01

I will tell you how to connect LAN for playing different games which are supported for playing with multi-player games like vice city, counter strike, etc and for sharing files just you have to follow below steps: 1. Firstly you need a LAN wire and it should be connected in both the computers which you want to connect. 2. Then go to control panel of the computer which you want to be as a master server 3. Then see under the network and internet there is an option of view network status and task click on it 4. You will see that there is a blue color link of ETHERNET click on it 5. There will be four option details, properties, disable and diagnose but click on ‘properties’. 6. In that there will be a option of internet protocol version 4, click on it and then click on the properties 7. The new window will appear and tick on use the following IP address 8. In IP address column fill and in subnet mask fill and in default gateway fill 9. Now in another computer do all the above steps from step 2 to 8 again, but this time in IP address column fill 10. Now both the computers are connected and now you can play games via LAN 11. But for sharing files you have to go to network and you will see that there is a network name of other computer account name if password is there in another computer you have give it with the user in above column 12. Then you can go to that file which you have to send to another computer right click on it and share it with another computer clicking on another computer account name 13. In another computer go to network open the network name of another computer you will get the file just copy it in your computer.

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