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How to clear saved passwords on Internet Explorer

Posted: 2016-06-18

When browsing and surfing the internet, there are no limitations so people don’t usually look for information on particular list of websites. When looking for information we have to register or log into various websites and also we are always logging into our emails. Most of us has many different accounts in terms of emails and various site registrations but we tends to log in with similar passwords and we let the browsers save them for our comfort that we don’t have to type it every time we log in. But this can be a security issue because malware’s and Trojan type viruses look for these passwords in your browser cookies and your all valuable information can be hacked through this. That’s why need to clear our browsers saved password so often. How to clear saved passwords on Internet Explorer For Windows 8: You can find Manage Password or Web Credentials Manager option in Internet Explorer to remove passwords. • Go to the “Tools” menu. • Then click on “Internet Options.” • Click on “Content” tab • Click on the “Settings” under “Auto Complete.” • Then click “Manage Passwords” • Then you should click “Web Credentials Manager” and from there you can select which password or passwords you want to remove and then click “Remove.” Windows 7 (IE 9-11): Removing all saved passwords in these versions is quit simple. • Go to “Tools” menu • Click on “Internet Options”. • Click on “Content” tab from the appeared window • Click on “Settings” under “AutoComplete” option. • Click the option “Delete AutoComplete history.” • Check the boxes to choose which areas history you want to clear then click on “Delete”. To restrict the browser from saving your passwords in future you should uncheck the option names and passwords on forms from the AutoComplete Settings window.

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