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how to clean out your closet

mariana d.
Posted: 2015-08-11

Summer is coming to an end. You must be prepared to take a day off and get your closet ready for fall! Rethink your wardrobe to make room for boots and coats. Follow these steps: 1) Take Your Time: Going through all your stuff is not an easy job. Take an afternoon off during your weekend, put on some music and pour yourself some wine. Time to get started! 2) The Three Towers Theory (or TTT): Keep, sell or get rid of. Classic garments such as blazers, striped tees or little black dresses go to pile number one (Keep). Clothes that you don’t want to own anymore but are in good condition go to pile “Sell”. The rest of the items in your closet go to pile number 3 to throw away or donate. 3) Organize: Sort your clothes by color, type, habits, etc. Put items you wear more often in the most reachable place of your wardrobe. 4) Analyze: Make a list of what you own so you know what items you need to start the new season. 5) Time To Shop: This is the best part of the process. Now that you are aware of your closet blanks, gather your savings and splurge!

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