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how to choose the right college major course

pauline c. tome
Posted: 2015-03-23

Choosing your college major is just as important as choosing the college, institute or university you're going to enroll in. If you're still undecided or still quite unsure of what program to pursure, follow the tips below: What you want to do After college, you'll face the real world full of adult challenges and responsibilities. What major you take up in college will most likely set your career path. So while it's still early, go for the course that you want--for the job that you want. College life will be difficult, whatever course you choose to take up. When the time comes that you're sleep deprived and feel like giving up, you will persevere and work even harder because you are doing something that you actually love doing. If otherwise, you'll tend to drop the program in a flash and end up wasting money, time and effort. Something based on your skills If you don't have a particular course in mind yet, your skills may be of help in making the decision. Determine what you're actually good at and choose a program that can improve that particular skill. Like, if you're really good in writing, you can take up journalism or literature. Since you have that skill to begin with, the program chosen--if based on your skills--won't be so hard on you. What's in demand If you're the type of person that doesn't have a concrete plan and doesn't give a damn in choosing the right major, you can just enroll in the program in demand. When a particular course is in demand, it is mostly because of the great job opportunities awaiting student upon graduating. This can be a win-win situation as you learn something new and be an expert on it, plus, you most probably won't run out of job opportunities when you finish college. Whatever your choice is, make sure you'll stick with it. College is no joke; it costs serious money and tremendous effort. Don't let all the sacrifices--may it be yours or your parents'--go down the tubes by choosing the course that isn't for you.

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