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how to choose a name for your business or brand

pauline c. tome
Posted: 2015-03-11

Something that Represents Your Product/Service Before anything, your brand name must represent what you offer. People must know what kind of product you sell or what kind of services you offer just by reading your business name alone. Not everyone will take time to read your company profile, so your business name must do well to summarize what kind of company you have as well. To do this, use the basic keywords. Say, you’re a cosmetics company; make sure to include the words “cosmetics,” “make-up,” “beauty products” and the like in your business name. Then you proceed into incorporating your stamp or what your business aims to do. For example, as a cosmetics company you aim to make you clients look like goddesses or angels; you can have a name that goes along the lines of “Heavenly Beauty Cosmetics”—or something like that. If you plan to tell that you’re business aims to be on top, it could be a name that included the words “zenith” or “summit”. Something Unique Other than getting your business name approved when you register it, a unique business name will also make you stand out from your competitors. This uniqueness will not only get the people’s attention, but will also help them remember you better in the future. Some businesses include extra words along with common words, like “one,” “prime,” “grand” and the like. Remember, a good business name must represent the business and be unique at the same time. But the most important thing when choosing a business name is this: make sure it is the brand name you want yourself to be recognized with as the years come.

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