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how to check what group policy applies to a user and computer

Posted: 2009-02-22

To view what policy applies to a specific user and specific computer in Windows Server 2003 network environment. You can use Group Policy Results Wizard which simulates the user to the computer and gives you details of the group policies applied. To runt Group Policy Results Wizard, follow these steps: 5. Click Start Point to All Programs -> and click Group Policy Management. If you don not have GPMC, download it from Microsoft.com and install. 6. Expand Forest/domain tree to find the Group Policy Results. 7. Right click on Group Policy Results and click on Group Policy Results Wizard. 8. Select the computer to display results for. Either leave it as current computer or browse and select different computer. Click Next. 9. Select a correct user and click next. 10. Confirm the selection and click next. 11. Click Finish. A report would be generated including all the applied policies and log information. Note: If you want find what group policy applies to specific user, computer, or OU. There is command line tools called GPResults.exe) which you can use.

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