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how to check equipment electric consumption in north american homes

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-08-18

Electric equipment or appliances have different levels of consumption of electricity and it is very important that home equipment and appliances are checked regularly for their level of electric consumption. Many people check electric consumption for different reasons. Some, for the purpose of decreasing it and others, for calculating the electric bill In American homes, the main aim of checking the usage of electricity is to decrease the power consumption, thus, saving more power. Electric consumption can be checked in North American homes by using the following instruments:- Electric Meter OR Watt-hour Meter This is the commonest and simplest way of checking your electric use consumption. A watt-hour meter is a small device which shows the measure of electricity consumed by an appliance in a household. Simply buy an electric meter that you would check whenever you want to measure. The electric meter is usually calibrated and measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh) or Watts (Kilowatts) Appliance Power Consumption Electric consumption can also be measured by checking the amount of power needed to run a particular home appliance. The wattage which is the number of watts of electricity consumed by an appliance is always written on the appliance. The wattage can also be gotten by multiplying the product or appliance voltage and the current. The wattage will ten give you a rough estimate of the kilowatt or kilowatt-hour in whatever form you calculate it. House meter A house meter is usually an appliance that measures all the electric consumption made in a household. In situations where you just need to measure the whole electricity consumption made in the home, it is better to buy an house meter which measure appliances that use steady amount of large current supply and appliances that use low amount of power from time to time.

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