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how to bypass facebook photo verification

Posted: 2015-01-31

Facebook implemented a system to block fake accounts. The system detects suspicious activities on the newly created accounts such as creating large number of friend requests and joining too many groups in short time span. There is no automated way to recover an account locked in verification without verifying pictures five randomly selected profiles and the pictures are normally from the an albums, not a profile pictures. One method that might work for some people is; 1. Open two browsers such as (chrome & explorer). 2. In your email, find names of your facebook friends (this will work better for newly created accounts). 3. Use another facebook account and find profiles of the displayed pictures (use snipping tool to capture the profile when you find them) 4. Mostly likely the first five profiles will be repeated often so focus on the first five profiles displayed. You will have a time limit to complete the verification but can repeat the process until you get them all right. If the account blocked is your genuine account. Skip the photo verification process by clicking on "I am having trouble with this step" link and upload government issued ID with your name, date of birth and photo ID.

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