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how to brighten your morning

Posted: 2015-01-08

If you hit your snooze button 4 times and feel like staying in bed until afternoon, I need to tell you this is not the wright way to start your day! In order to make the best out the hours to come, you may want to try some of these tricks. Trust me, they all work! 1. Morning exercise Some people get up an hour earlier to work out. Whether you feel like jogging or you are the yoga kind of person, exercising before dawn will get you up and energized for the whole day. You donít necessarily have to sweat out everything you drank the day before, just do something light like stretching. 2. Writing Writing your goals for the day may clear out your mind and help you focus on whatís really important. Also, try to write every morning something positive to do, like going out with an old friend or buying yourself a nice present. It will bring a new light on your day! 3. Say a prayer People may find comfort in religion. You may start your day by giving thanks for what you have,youíre your family and your friends. 4. Meditation If you wake up anxious, surrounded by stressful thoughts, you should try to find your inner peace, just lay back for a few moments and let your mind get rid of all the negative pictures. 5. Set a weekly goal On Monday, write down something you want to do by the end of the week. It may be something as simple as baking a pie or more complicate like planning the honeymoon vacation. It doesnít matter, as long as it makes you feel good. Every day, add a new milestone or things you need to do in order to accomplish your goal. On Friday, get it done!

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