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how to break a bad habit

tulika yadav
Posted: 2015-03-20

No one in this world is prefect each and every person carry some or the other bad habit sometimes our habit is ignored sometimes it make us embarrass. In simple word, bad habit is a negative behavior pattern common example includes procrastination,over spending, nail biting etc. A key factor in distinguishing bad habit from the addiction of mental disease is the element of will power. If they still seem to have control over the behavior then is just the habit. The best time to correct a bad habit is childhood. There are many techniques for removing bad habit once they get established. Here are some ideas that are found useful Step 1 Replace what you lose- you habit fulfill your bad needs. Before you make changes write down all the benefit you get from your habit and make sure they are retained and not going into new habit. Step 2 Commit from the mouth, thirty day is all you need to make a habit change permanent more time and any failure to last are usually failures for strategies. Step 3 Start small and do not expect to overhaul your diet, exercise or thinking pattern in a day. Tackle one habit at a time. Step 4 Know the benefit get. Get clear in your mind what benefit are making a change. If making a change rationally seems good, but it does not feel good, it won't sick. If at first you don't succeed. Don't be too hard on your failure, just go again. Step 5 Know the pain, feel what will happen to you if you don't make a change. Use your imagination to to enhance the image of your result. Should you do nothing? Last Step Make it fun,get creative about how you can enjoy cultivating the life you want. You might add a social element like friend and family join you in your new or better way of living and don't forget to celebrate your success.

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