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how to boost your productivity

Posted: 2015-03-12

Letís see what help you to boost your productivity. 8 hours of sleep: Sound sleep is very important for your mind to work properly and actively. Prioritize your work: Make practice of preparing list of daily activities. Then divide your time accordingly to complete your task one by one. Donít take work beyond capacity: Sometime, it happens that in order to impress your boss or not having trust in your subordinates, you take work beyond your capacity and eventually not able to give work up to the mark or within deadline. So, try to delegate work to others and also try to say no, if targets are genuinely unachievable. Short breaks: Working continuously can affect your thinking power, so take short breaks of 10 minutes while working. This will boost your energy and will able to work more effectively. Physical exercise: It is the most effective way to get rid of everyday stress, which in turn allows you to work with great focus and efficiency.

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