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how to benefit from yoga

Posted: 2015-01-11

In case you didnít know, yoga is not just about stretching your legs behind your neck. It has many benefits and should not be overlooked when considering a new sport. Here are some of those reasons: 1. It helps you breathe better Breathing exercises, called pranayama, are included in most yoga positions or can be done separately. This type of exercise helps you focus on your own breathing. In time you will notice you breathe and you feel better. 2. It reduces stress Stress has become our worst enemy, therefore a new way to get rid of it is always welcome. Many yoga positions include several stress releasing techniques, which will ultimately guide you to serenity. Plus, an inner state of peace may bring a clear picture about your problems and the solutions you should follow. 3. It makes you more flexible Most yoga exercises help loosen up your wrists which is a major benefit in your day to day activities and also when you play different sports. 4. It helps you sleep better Some yoga positions should be done just before going to sleep and studies have shown that exercising for a few minutes prior to putting your head on the pillow helps us sleep better. In case you suffer from a sleeping disorder, practicing yoga diminishes your overall stress level and relieves some other symptoms, which would lead to a better sleep.

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