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how to be successful in life

Posted: 2015-02-21

What is success for you? You need to define success in a quantifiable manner and try not to follow the benchmarks set by others. The definition of success is different for everyone so find your own definition and work towards achieving it. What is the thing that gives you satisfaction? You need to find the things you love to do because once you know what you love to do you can try and make a living out of it. Work won’t feel like work if you enjoy doing it. By when do you want to achieve success? You need to give yourself a timeline to achieve what you set out for or else you will never know if you have succeeded or failed. Whom should you be with? It is very important for you to trust people because if you trust someone they will be motivated to reward your trust by doing well. And try to surround yourself with successful people because they will motivate and encourage you to emulate them. Most importantly try and imagine your success because the more vivid your imagination the easier it will be for the rest to follow through.

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