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how to be happy

Posted: 2015-02-21

The pursuit of happiness is one of the most common aspirationsin our society. The question is how can one be happy?? Because happiness is relative and it varies from person to person. Here are a couple of ways by which you can be happy. How does exercise help you to be happy? Exercise leads to a happy mind because irrespective of whether you lose weight or not, exercising on a regular basis would definitely help you improve the way you project your body in your mind. How does experimentation help? If you are stuck doing the same monotonous thing that you already excel in you wonít be happy. So visit new places, experience new things and most importantly do what you always wanted to do. You need to follow the 3Cís of life: Choices, chances, and changes. In order to change something in your life you need to take a chance by making a choice.

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