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how to be a better friend

pauline c. tome
Posted: 2015-03-12

Friendships, just like any relationship, take some work. It you don't nurture it or simply don't do your part, you'll wind up getting hurt and losing important people in your life. So if you think you need a few tips on how to be a better friend, read on ahead. 1. Be there for the good and bad A good friend is not present only at parties and gimmicks, but also at times of break-ups and melt downs. Friends are not only supposed to be good company, but also shoulders to cry on and people to eat ice cream with to feel better. To be a better friend, stick around for all the moments--may it be the good or the bad. Don't go on abandoning your friend when he or she starts to talk about life's problems. 2. No backstabbing As a friend, it is your job to always have your friend's back--not stab it. Sure, sometimes even the best of friends have their misunderstandings. But whatever it is, whether it's the other person who's in the wrong, you don't have the right to talk badly of the person--especially when that person is your friend. If there's a conflict between you and your best bud, better settle it with him or her than to talk about it with someone else. 3. No spills Secrets should remain secrets--even when you guys fight. Chances are, these secrets shared to you are very deep and personal, so it has to stay between the two of you. Even when you're mad. A real friend keeps the secrets. Period. 4. No to abandonment Friends are forever. I strongly believe in that. If a person you used to call a friend ended up abandoning you, then that person was not a real friend. Never abandon your friends, even when it's hard at times. True friendships should survive the tough times and true friends grow together. Don't leave just because of some issue. Don't throw all those meaningful conversations and awesome times together just because of some conflict that can still be resolved. Friends stick together, and should be there for each other--no matter what the case.

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