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how to be a better boyfriend

pauline c. tome
Posted: 2015-03-11

So she’s upset because of something you did and you want to make it up to her? Or wonder what you can do to improve the status of your relationship? Or do you simply want to be a better boyfriend and reassure your girl that she chose the right guy? Read ahead. 1. Listen - Though it may be difficult at times, try your best to listen to her. Sometimes a girl just wants to be heard, and it would mean a lot to her if you sit there and listen to her. Even if it’s not about her problems. When she’s telling a story or just a minor part of her day, take interest in it and not just pretend to do so. ‘Cause when you do listen to her, it means you are actually paying attention. And when you’re paying attention, the more you’re aware of what’s going around her and with the two of you. Listening to her also lets her know that you are there for her even when times are not so good. 2. Surprises and Small Gestures – Don’t be the romantic guy every Valentines, but every day. Go call her up unexpectedly to let her know you’re thinking about her; pick her up from work; send her flowers even when there’s no special occasion. At times, she needs to be reminded that she has a special place in your life. These surprises and small gestures will do that for you. 3. Never Stop Winning Her Heart – When a guy already won her over, he often stops pursuing her. Sometimes, this is where the problem starts. Don’t get too relaxed and be neglectful of a relationship you worked so hard to get. If you want to be a better partner, never stop winning her heart. Find more reasons to fall in love with her deeper and deeper each day. Continue to do good things, to take care of her, to actually take a minute to admire her again. Put as much effort when you were pursuing her, into making this relationship work. And most importantly, she has to be the only one for you. Good luck!

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