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how to avoid online dating scams

Posted: 2015-02-02

We all dream of finding love and sometimes this interferes with our ability to see clear. In our search for that special someone, we tend to overlook signs that could tell us something is wrong. Millions of people worldwide use dating sites or different social networks to meet a potential spouse. Scammers take advantage of this and use the same chat rooms to meet their victims. They create fake profiles, they start building up an online relationship and when the path is set, they convince people to send money for different fictive situations. The first rule in online dating is NEVER SEND MONEY TO SOMEONE YOU MEET ONLINE. Even though nothing seems wrong about your chat partner, asking for money is always a sign of a scam. There are other signs you should be careful about. Here is what you need to know in order to avoid online dating scams. How to recognize a scam artist - Texts are usually, but not always, full of mistakes; grammar and punctuation are incorrect; - Most of the time, he/she claims to be from the same country you are, but is traveling or working abroad; - Wants to leave the dating site or the social network and start chatting via personal email; - Uses an extremely romantic tone. Calls you “my dearest, beloved, sweetheart” or claims to have fallen in love with you in a heartbeat; - At some point, the scam artist will say he/she has an ill relative or that something terrible has happened. They will say you are the only one who can help them and you will be asked for money. What you should do - First of all, don’t wire money. Even though you will eventually call the police, there is no way you will get your money back. Once you have sent it, it’s gone. - Report the fake profile - Contact the authorities And remember, as an additional rule: never share personal information with a stranger you meet online. See related article: Social Networking Scames

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