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how to assign a group policy to users at domain level

Posted: 2009-02-19

Group is a set of rules applied to an Active Directory object which allows management of user access, desktop access, Organizational Unit access, software deployments & access, security settings, and more. This quick tip will guide you how to setup and apply group policy to all users at the domain level. To do this, follow these steps: 1. Click Start –Point to All Programs -> Administrative Tools and click Group Policy Management. If you do not have GPMC installed, download it from Microsoft.com and install. 2. Click the + sign left of the Forest, then click the + sign left of the domain to expand. 3. Select a correct domain name and right click. 4. Click “Create & Link GPO here” to create and apply new GPO. 5. Type the name of the GPO in the displayed box and click ok. 6. Right click the created GPO and click Edit. 7. Expand User Configuration tree. 8. Expand Administrative Templates. 9. Click on Desktop. 10. Define the application of the policy. For example if you want remove My Computer icon from the desktop. Do the following. a. Expand the User Configuration and then expand Administrative Templates. b. Click on Desktop. c. Double click “Remove My Computer icon on the desktop”. d. Select Enabled and click ok. 11. Click Start -> Click Run. 12. Type CMD in the box and click ok to open the command prompt. 13. Type GPUPDATE in the command prompt and hit enter. This will refresh Group Policy to apply the newest settings.

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