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how to anonymously browse the internet

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2016-01-14

You would wonder how your identity would be revealed in virtual world like the Internet. Well for your information you are no longer secured or your private information is no longer private when you are on-line. Even if you whisper online, dozens of organizations will trace your activity right at that moment. This is because when you get connected, you share your computer details, IP, activity, geo location etc. Mostly to analyse your browsing activity to install their advertising cookies in your browser. But governments also putting pressure on the internet providers and websites to reveal userís personal data which is a concerning issue if you want to keep your privacy intact. Now how do you free yourself from these annoying intruders? There are several ways. First option is, you can browse anonymously from your browser and delete cookies regularly. Different browsers have different layout but commonly you will find cookies in under Option settings, from there you can remove your cookies. Chrome has a option where you can browse without keeping history or any cookies saved. Itís called Incognito mode which you can activate pressing CTRL + SHIFT + N keys together. Web Proxy: Next choice is using Web proxy. There are many free and paid websites that lets you surf the internet without any trace. These proxy websites uses anonymous locations, so your actual location will not be traced. Some good proxy website would be hide.me, anonymouse.org, webproxyfree.net etc. Manual Proxy: You can also use manual proxy servers to hide your location. All you have to do is to set that proxy server address you want to use. Hidemyass is a good site that provides manual proxy address. VPN: If you donít mind paying for your privacy protection and want better internet speed than VPN is the option to go with. Hotspot shield is effective and popular software which hides your identity and lets you browse from the location of your choice. It also helps you visit blocked websites in your area. Another free but very popular software is TOR browser.

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