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how to add network printer to windows 7 computer over tcpip

Posted: 2014-04-17

This instruction will show you how to add a network printer to your Windows 7 computer using a printer IP address. Ensure that your printer has static IP address that does not change. Adding a network printer over TCP/IP port using the printer's static IP address: 1) On your Windows 7 computer, Click Start than click on Devices and Printers 2) In the Devices & Printers panel, Click Add a printer 3) On the printer add-on wizard, click Add a local printer 4) Check off Create a new port and choose Standard TCP/IP port from the selection than click next 5) Type the Printer IP Address as showing below. Port name should automatically populate and you can change the port name if you wish. Leave the “Query printer and automatically select the driver to use” checked off. Click next when done. Your computer will try to detect and select correct driver for your printer. It will display the printer driver model if it finds it, if not you will have to use the windows update option to download & install printer driver model. We are assuming your printer driver is found for this example 6) On the next screen, either click next to install the printer if found automatically, select a printer driver from disk, or choose Windows update option to find correct driver for your printer. Click next 7) Choose whether to share the printer on your local network or not. Choose “Do not share this printer” option to make it available only your computer only. 8) Choose whether this is your default printer or option printer by checking off Set as default printer. You can test print in this stage by clicking on Print a test page 9) Click Finish to complete the printer installation

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