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how to add change or reset a pin to your windows 10 account

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-12-27

Windows 10 has brought several new security features. One of them is PIN Code for sign in options. You can add a numeric PIN code to log in to your Windows quickly and also with a PIN code users get access to additional Windows security features like “Windows Hello”. And moreover PIN code is a better option to protect your computer from hackers. Adding a PIN to Your Account To set up a PIN you need to go to “Settings” then click or tap on “Accounts” option. Now click or tap on “Sign-in options” from the left pane. Now on the right side under PIN you will see a button called “Add”. Click or tap on that “Add” button. If a screen appears where it asks you to verify your account password you can enter your local account password the click or tap the OK button. If you have a Microsoft account then you can use that password too to sign-in and create PIN. Now you will see a window where it prompts you to create your new PIN. The only condition to set a PIN is that it has to have digits only. There is not limit how many digits it should have. Make sure you choose a number that you can remember and also hard to guess for others. Avoid using your bank account number or credit card numbers. Changing or Resetting your PIN Go to “Settings >> Accounts >> Sign-in options” and under PIN in right pane you will see the button “Change”. Click the “Change” button in order to change your PIN. The next screen will let you change your PIN. In the first box you should enter your current PIN you have been using or set at first. Then in next two boxes enter your new PIN and click or tap OK to confirm your new PIN setup. To reset your PIN follow the same steps to go to “Sign-in options” and under PIN besides “Change” button click on “I forgot my PIN”. You will need to verify your account entering your password here and will be taken to the new PIN setup window.

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