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how setup host headers in windows server 2003 iis environment for multiple websites

Posted: 2009-03-01

In IIS 6.0, you can setup multiple websites using what is known as Host Headers. Host headers simply would allow you to share multiple websites under one IP address. The unique URL of the website differentiates form the other websites. To configure websites using the Host Headers feature, follow these steps: 1. Click Start -> Run. Type; inetmgr and click ok. 2. Browse the Server tree object and select Websites. 3. Right-click a website and then click Properties. 4. Click on Web sites tab and click the advanced button. 5. Click the Add button. 6. Select correct IP address, port number (80), and the Host Header Name. In the Host Header field, type the full URL of the website. 7. Repeat the same process for other websites. Select the same IP address.

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