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how put iphone icon on your phones home screen or re arrange icons on the home screen

Posted: 2014-03-28

This article will instruct you a method to add IPhone 4/5 icon such as Contacts, Calendar, etc to your home screen or re-arrange icons on your home screen. Add Contacts icon to the Home Screen: 1) Swipe your finger to the left on your home screen to advance to the second home screen. 2) Touch the Utilities option, which will open a folder. 3) Touch and hold the Contacts icon until it starts to shake 4) Drag the Contacts icon to the left side of the screen to advance it to the first home screen, then drop it in your preferred location. 5) Touch the Home button (the square button underneath the screen) to stop the app icons from shaking and finalize your changes. 6) Use the same method to move the any icon to the Home Screen or re-arrange the icons on your home screen.

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