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how honey is beneficial to human health

Posted: 2015-03-08

Honey is commonly used in foods as well as in medicines from the ancient times. It is synthesized by honey bees using nectar collected from different flowers. There are several types and gradations of honey available in the market which depends on the flowers used for the source of nectar. Health Benefits of Honey Help in reducing weight Honey is very helpful and effective in losing weight. It is found that when honey is used with warm water, it assists in digesting the fat stored in the body. Similarly, honey with lemon juice as well as honey with cinnamon helps in reducing weight. Prevent heart and cancer diseases Honey has natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It contains flavonoids, which is a good antioxidant help to reduce the risk of some cancers and heart diseases. Reduce gastrointestinal disorders The antibacterial properties of honey are very efficient in fighting against bacteria, even against some strains of resistant bacteria at low concentrations. Research shows that treatment with honey can help us to reduce the disorders such as ulcers and bacterial gastroenteritis. It also helps to improve and rejuvenate the immune system. An energy source Many people use honey as a source of energy. Research indicates that honey contain almost 64 calories per tablespoon. While, only one tablespoon of sugar contains just 15 calories. Honey also contains a wide variety of vitamins as well as minerals. The type and amount of vitamins and minerals depends on the type of flowers. Increase athletic performance Recent research has shown that honey is very helpful and effective to increase the performance of athletes. It maintain sugar levels of blood, muscle health and glycogen restoration after a physical activity. It also regulates the amount of insulin in the body. Reduce cough as well as throat irritation Honey is very beneficial to reduce our own effect of regarding seasonal allergies. It helps to overcome ones cough along with throat soreness. Buckwheat honey is found very effective in reducing cough.

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