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how does your facebook account get hacked

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-05-15

In some parts of the world where internet is unknown or unfamiliar, people understand the term Internet by Facebook, means they think internet means Facebook. Thatís how popular Facebook is. Billions of people are using Facebook, sharing their thoughts, motions in fact everything that is happening with their life and around them. Facebook has brought revolution. It is not just a social networking site, it is a part of our personal, social, national and international life. Facebook has become the strongest medium of marketing of any company, product or even advertisement for popular people. Every now and then Facebook is brining brilliant and winning features that hits the popularity meter like a storm. That is where the immense popularity comes from. But as in websites spammers, scammers are also putting their efforts to hack or scam people. Though it is really tough to hack Facebook servers where only few people have succeeded, its not totally impossible to hack your personal accounts. Now lets discuss how people hack your accounts. This article is not for tech experts who are knowledgeable about technologies and know about black hat linux and how to brute force attack a FB account. We will discuss the common reason that average people can be aware and alarmed. Lets look at some hacking methods. 1. Number one method now days are hacking through spamming messages and links. Normally these messages contain any recent news or promoting any pages link or links to any erotic videoís which people tends to click. By clicking you give up your accounts access to the spammers and by using your account they send out spam messages to your liked pages and to your friends which can destroy your social life. 2. Another way is through emails. You will get emails which will tell you to log in to your accounts where actually you will be forwarded their sites designed exactly same as Facebook. When you put your username and password it will be stored in their database. After you click submit it will forward you to the original Facebook website where you will have to log in again. But scammer already has your account details by now. 3. Your account can be hacked from keylogger virus. This virus scans for all passwords in your computer and sends forward to the hackers. Through this any of your account whether email, Facebook or even your bank accounts which you have logged in through your computer can be hacked.

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