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how do you know that your pc has viruses

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-05-14

The most deadliest and grievous thing about viruses are that they work behind silently in the background of your system. Most of the time you donít get to know a vicious virus is working in your system to destroy all your important dataís. This is one of the main reasons that we donít feel the importance of a good anti-virus installed in our system. We are not aware of the risks that a virus can possess. So let us learn about some symptoms that can help us understand or realize that whether there are viruses in our system or not. - Your Computer or laptop is running Slowly: You suddenly feel your computer is performing slower than its normal speed. There can be other reasons for this like your hard disk is almost full or you need more RAM memory. But if your computer hangs so often, website or broswers freezes every now and then, your computer restarts without any reason then you can be sure that there are malicious content in your device. - Unexpected messages are popping up: Are you experiencing some programs starting automatically or some messages popping up in your desktop or in your browser? Then the reason is more likely to be affected by viruses. The most common scenario is suddenly a software opens up which you have never seen before and starts scanning for malicious spywares. Actually it is itself a virus. - Your internet or hard disk is always running something: When your computer is virus affected you will see your internet is taking lot of bandwidth even when you are not doing anything. You can check this if you have a bandwidth meter like DU meter or you can check your broadband converterís lights beeping. Same goes to the case if your hard disk Is making noise all the time to prove itís working even if you are not using your computer for anything. Immediate steps should be taken when you find these symptoms in your computer. The best thing is to have a good anti-virus installed in your device.

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