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how do you get a promotion

sulaiman isse
Posted: 2014-04-17

Are you stuck in your current job and feel that you are ready for promotion? Itís not easy to climb the corporate ladder, but if you want a great job with excellent rewards, youíll have to make the climb . If you want to get a promotion, youíll need to be a team player while also being an ambitious self-promoter. You need to be certain you are doing your current job to perfection, and then make your wishes known to the right people. The type of company you are working for will determine your potential for promotion. You donít have to work for a huge corporation, but you do need to work for a company that is doing well and growing, though many companies, especially very large ones, tend to grow in cycles. Make sure you are doing the best you possibly can in your current position. Excellent performance reviews are a must. So are good attendance, punctuality, and a willingness to go the extra mile when the company needs it. Keep in good contact with your manager and make sure they are aware of your ambitions. Make sure people know who you are and that you get credit where credit is due for doing a great job. Tell your supervisor about your career goalsĖmost good supervisors will ask you about them and try to be helpful. Continue to do a great job in your current position, and donít seem fed up with your current work, but let decision makers know if you really want a particular job. Most promotions, especially at large companies, require you to go through the application and interview process, and usually youíll have to compete with candidates from outside the company. But sometimes, if a manager in another department respects you and knows you want to work with them, they will pull strings. In an ideal world, promotions would be based solely on merit but in practice office politics will often play a role in who gets promoted. Use and develop your people skills. Be kind and helpful to your colleagues, supervisors, and staff. Develop relationships with people you work with, and get to know people (other than your immediate supervisor) who make decisions in the company. Attend company events, and network with people from outside your department, either socially by say joining a quiz team, or get yourself nominated for focus groups. Take on temporary company projects to broaden your skills and network with people from other areas of the company. They can be challenging and can force you out of your comfort zone, but you will also be much more visible in the company. Donít just apply for any opportunity that pays a bit more than your current job. Look for opportunities that you are interested in and that you are qualified for. Take the application process seriously. Internal candidates sometimes expect too much! Studies show that as few as 1/3 of internal candidates win the better jobs they seek. External candidates can be extremely competitive because they know theyíll have to put their best foot forward to get it. In addition, companies sometimes want to bring in new people to bring new skills or perspectives to the organization. So donít be complacent, and remember to ďsellĒ yourself as you would if you were applying for any other job.

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