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how android is different from ios

Posted: 2015-03-12

Android and iOS both are operating systems used in mobile technology. Android is developed by Google while iOS is developed by Apple. Some features of Android and iOS are similar to each other and some are different. Some of the major features are highlighted as follows. • Interface Both operating systems use touch screen that reacts to finger presses and swipes, pinch to zoom in or out. A touch screen keyboard substitutes physical buttons and provide a much larger screen without reducing device density. Android offers the usage of widgets which show, auto-updating information such as email and weather, while an iOS home screen is only provided with app icons. • Applications and Source model Android belongs to the Linux family and provides an open source platform. Android apps can be freely created and downloaded from the official Google Play store. The Android SDK is available for all platforms like Mac, PC and Linux. On the other hand, iOS belongs to UNIX or Mac OS family and it provides a closed platform. It is available to only a limited platforms and cannot be assessed easily. • Software upgrade IOS offers the up gradation of software to all devices whose hardware is capable of managing the new software. While Google is relatively slow in this case. • Hardware Android devices are available in a wide variety of sizes, prices and hardware capacity and iOS is only found in Apple devices like the iPhone as a phone, the iPad as a tablet. In this way, iOS devices are more expensive than equivalent hardware using Android. • Security and privacy Android and iOS both offer a certain level of security. Google releases the Android’s source code under open source licenses and app developers take advantage of this and request, a lot of user information while iOS provide much better control over the access apps. • Web browsing Google Chrome is used as web-browser in Android, while iOS use Safari. Both browsers have similar quality and capabilities.

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