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heat stroke important things to know

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-03-19

When a human body takes in high temperature more than it could take, heat stroke happens. Normally, this condition occurs when an individual is exposed into hot environment or excessive heat, which the body could not tolerate. The human body has heat-regulating system, which is working hard to regularly keep itself into normal temperature. Once this system is over-used for a longer time, it will not effectively regulate the temperature and will lead into heat stroke. Once the body temperature rises above 40º Celcius, that is already life threatening and brain death is possible, and when it reached 45º Celcius, it will cause death. At the early symptoms of heat stroke, medical attention must be administered immediately, if not, organs will fail and may lead to death of the patient. The body can manifest different signs when suffering heat stroke, and most common way is by perspiration, which is the body’s way to release excessive heat. This process of the body will work as long as it has enough liquid to perspire, however, when the body happen to dehydrate, it will start to do other methods to release the excess heat and if found none, the temperature will rapidly increase. Usually, if heat stroke happens due to the hot temperature, the characteristics of the skin are hot and dry. However, if the heatstroke is resulting from extensive exercise, the skin will turn clammy or moist. Other symptoms will be manifested by rapid breathing, headaches, rapid heart rate and seizures. Another thing to remember that before an individual reaches the heatstroke level, he/she might first experience heat exhaustion or heat cramps. Heat exhaustion and heat crams can be treated by taking cool electrolyte drinks and by taking a rest at a cold place. There are a lot of ways in treating heat stroke, however, in many cases, the attention of a medical doctor is a must if the symptoms persisted.

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