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great wall of china badaling area china

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-08-27

Great Wall of China is one of the biggest wonders of the country. A large number of visitors and tourists visit The Great Wall throughout the year. Great Wall of China Badaling is located in Yanqing, 70km to the north of Beijing. This section of the Great Wall is in much better condition than other sections. The Great Wall of China Badaling section was constructed again but if you look at the wall it doesn’t seem new because the wall was just restored to maintain its original look and then in 1957 it was opened for the tourists and visitors. The Great Wall of China represents the culture and the glorious history of the country. The Great Wall built in 1505, the basic purpose behind building the wall was defense. Many parts of the wall was destroyed, but then the Chinese restored it efficiently. And now it is a busiest tourists location everyone dreams to visit this wonder of Chinese. This wall is the marvelous piece of architecture, and a place visited by great number of people in daily basis. Great Wall of China is a fascinating place never bores its visitors. There is much more to do in Great Wall of China. It is the best place for hiking and challenging climbing. For the adventurous people, the Great Wall of China is a package. The surrounding greenery attracts all the attention of the visitors. You can also visit the museum of the great wall and theatre, the theatre provides you the opportunity to look the whole Great Wall. The most commercialized section of the Great Wall Badaling is the place where many leaders and great people are welcomed with a red carpet for the tour of the Great Wall. So this section has its own important than other sections of the Great Wall.

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