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Gogo a news reading app where you earn talktime

Posted: 2016-06-16

In today's hush hush where people preferring to read news on their cellphones, GoGo can be a great success. A Delhi based startup will pay you for reading its news from its news reading app. GoGo is an Android lock-screen app where the users are given a variety of categories to choose from 42 different sources. The primary categories are News & Life, Technology, Travel, Sport, Celebs and many more. Language preferences are also provided with English and Hindi.

The founders Daman Soni and Rajat Gupta discovered from their official visits overseas that lock screen can be used as a valuable way of discovering content. Raising investment form HT Media and North Base Media, hence the duo launched Planet GoGo in September,2015.

The news comes up on the Lock-screen and you can select from thesubjects given of news by swiping up and down and swiping right will unlock the phone and you'll earn three points and swiping left will earn you with five points and reading the story. And every point is worth 1 paisa. Once you reach up to 5,000 points you can reimburse the money for recharging your cellphone and 10,000 points for a postpaid bill. Once you install and register the app to your Android device you'll be awarded by 500 bonus points.

Planet GoGo aims of achieving a target of reaching up to 100 million users in the span of three years and also support multiple languages.

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