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general tips on how to stay fit

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-04-16

Having a fit body doesnít mean you have to have a hulk body like Arnold Schwarzenegger or The Rock Johnson. To have a fit body doesnít necessarily mean you have to have six packs or build up abs and heavy muscles. A fit body means simply a healthy flexible body. Now by getting fit you may think you will have to go to a gym, start working out and put lot of efforts into it but these are not always requisite. In a way these are considerable options for your better health but to reach your average fitness what you need is some basic knowledge about nutrition and light work outs. The most important thing for your fitness is your motivation. You canít possibly do any proper work without planning and even if you have planned you canít do any work if you are not positively motivated. You can do all the planning and studying but most important task is to take the first step, actually and physically start to implement your plans. And when you start there are some simple but immensely significant points you need should have knowledge on. -Move more Often: This is definitely the first step. You need to start moving yourself more often. If you have a desk job you need to start taking some minutes every hour to move, to take a minute of walk, do some basic stretching. And you need to take stairs and walk when it is possible. -Drink Water A lot: Water is a powerful tool for your health. Drinking lot of water helps you burn your calories and prevent you from taking extra unnecessary food. -Know your food (Nutrition): You can go to gym, lift dumbbell or bar bells, do push up as much as you can but it wonít do any good to you if you donít maintain proper nutrition. This means to have proper amount of food and be aware of how much calorie is good for you and what amount should you take. Besides these you should try walking or running for some time in the morning and whatever exercise you do, you need to breath properly when doing it.

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