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gas stove vs electric stove

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-08-19

Introduction Nowadays gas stoves and electric stoves are commonly in use, both are easy to use and effective. The choice of buying one of the two just depends on your personal desire. In North America pellet stoves, which burn compressed biomass or wood are used. No doubt the gas stove provides the facility of easy control over heat so most of the professional chefs prefer to use a gas stove instead of the electric stove. The electric stove provides the facility of cooking the food evenly, so the electric stove is also preferred by some chefs. If you buy a lower-end electric stove for your kitchen then you can save some of your money, but then the expenses will depend on the use. Gas stove vs Electric stove Natural gas and other flammable gases are used as a fuel in a gas stove. Whereas electrical energy is converted into heat for cooking and baking purposes in electric stoves. Now here is the comparison of gas vs electric stove on the basis of some of the advantages and drawbacks they have. The use of gas stove provides the facility to cook food more efficiently as the flame spreads beneath the pan. Pallet stoves, electric stoves and gas stoves are widely used in different countries along with North America. But for baking purposes electric stove with the ability to bake the food evenly, is preferred and used. The Greatest drawback of a gas stove is that it is costly in the case if natural gas is not already in use, in your home. No doubt electric stove is the best selection in this situation rather than a gas stove. Also, electric stoves can be easily installed and cheaper than gas stoves. Another problem is that if due to some reason burner does not turn on, gas will release continuously. For the people who donít like to spend much time in the kitchen, an electric stove is the best option.

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