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Gandom Beryan in Lut desert

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2016-10-29

Desert is a place in the glory of beauty with silence with vision of moon less world ponder with glare of something that gives the walk of sensation in beating soul. Gandom Beryan or Rig-e-soukhteh is a hummock in lut desert. It has several other local names but it is known as Gandom Beryan to world. It has become the attraction point to the tourists because of its hottest environment. It has been proved by scientifically in 2003 the Gandom Beryan is the hottest place around the world. It is inaccessible because of no road connection to big cities. Local people can guide the tourist if one longing for this hottest place. Geographicaly it is located in Kerman province of Iran. As lut desert is situated in the Shahdad city and burning hill is across 70km north to Shahdad. That lava burning hill is surrounded by 480 square km in lut desert. Pervaiz kordavani an honorable professor in Iran pointed the Rig-e-soukhteh the hottest place in the beautiful earth. This statement faced several criticisms when NASA proved professor's logic in 2005. After this clarification it has attracted attention of many people's around the world. With little planning Iran can boost its economy by introducing Gandom Berayn as modern desert. Its temperature variations are drastic because of the lava cover on the surface of hill. Lut desert start cooling down from November to April and lowers the hill temperature up to 50 centigrade. The fall of November proves a fairy for plateau as it cool down the burning sand make it silent with the lyrics of peace. The view becomes perfect as it is out of the range of humidity. Clear nights with full of stars present a panorama scene. Wildlife can't survive here because of harsh ranges of temperatures.

Gandom-e Berayn has an interesting history it got this name Gandom-e Berayn in Persia called scorched wheat. It was a remote place because of lack of road connection to big cities. The residents of nearby Gandom-e Berayn were maintained by the help of camel caravan. Once in 1950 in the caravan of camels it was included by wheat cargo. The caravan was passing near this area from many days when drivers noted the intense heat in the wheat and they call it scorched wheat. Since then the heat hill became famous. Gandom-e Berayn got important place and grab the interest of many researchers. This heat spot have many conclusion made by different research groups. Among all professor Parviz Kordavani is an eminent scholar he did many findings and brought many conclusions about this heat world's heat spot. Students of Tehran University founded the reason of temperature. The black volcano mouth swallows the heat whole year especially during summer and became hotter even in nights. Change in weather change the volcano's temperature. The source of heat became gentle and cold during winter. 30,000 populations of two cities around desert Lut have the unseen power to grab thousands of people at their door step by the virtue of volcano hill in Lut desert.

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