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fixing old slow virus affected computer that has xp

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-04-15

You have an old computer that has not the tech power like the one’s have these days but reliable and have been serving for long and good. Now as Microsoft has stopped all updates and upgrades for XP, it has become vulnerable. Virus can easily attack your PC and even anti-virus companies are not updating their software’s for XP. But you are not planning any soon to buy a new computer rather you are happy to fix your existing dilapidated one. Now you are computer has got slow and have acting weird lately, auto-redirected sites are opening when browsing Internet, folders are not opening smoothly and sometimes stuck or hangs. You are feeling the need of re-installing XP. In fact if you are facing problem in XP, best solution is installing XP again in your system. But there are some tricks that can make your PC run smooth than before. First try to scan your hard disk for viruses. You can try free anti-virus software’s or a paid one. Then if you have another PC or any friends PC you have access to, you can remove your hard disk and attach it to that PC as an external device. From that PC you can check for viruses and also format your XP installation drive which is by default and in most cases C drive. You can give a hard format where you disk space will be truly empty. You can use software like Eraser to do this task. Then re-attach your hard disk in your own machine and start the XP installation. When the window comes where it says to select your drive where you want to install XP, do a simple but effective trick. Delete the partition of your C drive then recreate. You will find commands needed to delete and create a partition in that window. Then normally follow the usual process of formatting and installing XP in your system. This will make your hard disk specially your C drive fresh as new and will give you a new installed XP and even a new computer feel.

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