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Fix - Windows 10 network disconnects on screen lock

Abdirahman Isse
Abdirahman Isse
Posted: 2020-12-01

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Computer network disconnects when locked and does not reconnect right away

If your network is disconnecting when your Windows 10 device is locked on newer Windows 10 versions, the solution is to make change in the registry. You may notice your VPN discounting after login, or ERP system such as SAP getting disconnected on screen lock or internet not working right way after login. This is the result of the network card whether Wireless (WIFI) or Wired NIC disconnecting due to the screen lock.

On previously there was a Power Management Option available to check in the network adapter properties but that option was removed on newer Windows 10 versions.

To fix a device disconnecting from the network after screen lock, you need to edit the registry. To do that, you must have administrator access to the system.

1) In the Windows Search Box, type regedit.

2) Click the Registry Editor on the search result.

3) Navigate to the following registry key entry:


4) Double-click the Attributes and change the value to 2.

5) Close the registry and restart the system.

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