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Five reasons to buy honda civic

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2016-02-08

Honda has always been a promising brand when it comes to dependability of vehicles. The company keeps on upgrading the models to provide the finest cars that run efficiently. Honda Civic is one such ‘august’ arrival. Following are some of the top reasons to buy Honda civic 1. Aptly designed interior as well as exterior The Honda Civic (2016) has been amazingly designed into sleek, lighter but bigger Sedan. It has been stretched up to 182.3 inches giving it an advanced classy look from every angle with impressive taillights, sloping roofline and apt interior room designs. 2. Distinct fuel efficiency High performance four cylinders, 2-liter turbo engine delivering appreciable 42 mpg on highway and 31 mpg city adds on to the outstanding attributes of Honda Civic. The engine is equipped with advanced CVT system, promising a better fuel efficient ride. 3. Hand in hand with technological advancements The Honda Civic leaves no place for complaints. It meets the pace of advancing technology with its LaneWatch system (to eliminate blind spot issue), remote starter, automatic wipers, automatic braking, lane-keep assist, adaptive cruise control, LED headlights and forward-collision alerts thus providing the essence of luxury cars. 4. Comfortable and joyous ride assured Along with outlooks, excellent fuel efficiency and latest technology, Honda Civic assures utmost tranquility and enjoyment throughout the ride. The Android Auto and Apple CarPlay takes care of the entertainment part while high quality seat fibers, sliding leather armrest and decent headroom with wide generous legroom gives it a perfect ‘nifty’ look that is well designed keeping ‘comfort’ on priority list. 5. Value for money And finally, the best part of the Honda Civic (2016) is that it is worth paying $18,640 (Base price). A compact car with majestic features, setting a benchmark for luxury cars would definitely be a true value for money and a good definition for Honda Civic to fit in.

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