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find out who is connected to my wifi

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2016-01-12

You wouldn’t be happy if suddenly your internet speed goes down. And your internet provider responded that it’s fine from their side. Then you would really get worried to the fact that some one is stealing your bandwidth through wifi, moreover you are getting hacked. It is in fact a concern even if you are not getting hacked. No one wants their internet to be used without their permission as they are paying for this. Now if you are not a technical person, what would you do? There are ways through which you can find out who are using your line or if anyone using at all. How to find out who is connected to your Wifi The first thing you can do is to check your wifi router. To do this you can check your routers manual to find out how to log in to your routers admin panel. Normally you will have to enter an IP address in your browser to access the routers interface. If you are not sure what is your routers IP then you can Go to “Run” then type “CMD” or Find your Command Prompt from “All Programs” of your “Start Menu” then enter. Type “ipconfig/all”, you will find your routers IP under Wireless Network Connection >> Default Gateway. Or you can always find it in your manual or online. When you are in your router’s admin panel look for “Wireless” from the left panel. Different routers have different layout but generally you will find the connected devices in “Wireless status”. You can delete or deny any unwanted users from here. For future protection you should also change security issues like passwords. If this is too technical for your liking, you can download and install a network monitoring software to check anytime who’s connected to your router. Some good network monitoring for your personal router would be; Whoisonmywifi : This software simply does what you need when it comes to monitoring your wifi network. This software constantly runs in the background of your computer and searches for intruders. When any unknown devices connect to your network it will show you alert. And of course it shows all the permitted connected devices too. Moochhunter : Moocherhunter is a fantastic tool to detect hackers in your network. It is used by the law enforcement organizations in Asia and the best part of this tool is its Free.

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