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extended breastfeeding

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-05-17

The debate on extended breastfeeding has led varied arguments from mothers, doctors and the society at large. Both the positive and negative impacts of extended breastfeeding have been stated leading to mixed reactions. Mothers are confused whether to choose to extend the period of breast feeding their babies. Some people are so misguided and misinformed about extended breastfeeding and have harshly criticized this act. Some cultures also do not advocate for this act and therefore prevent mothers from breast feeding their babies when the babies are over 12 months old. But there are still a good fraction of mothers who advocate for breast feeding their babies as long us they want. As a mother you need to understand the importance of motherís milk to the baby. Importance of extended breast feeding There are a number of positive impacts of the motherís milk to babies. They include: ē Source of nutrients: The motherís milk is the best natural source of important nutrients that are needed by babies. The milk contains a number of ions that have several uses in the body. For instance, the calcium and potassium ions found in the milk, have been confirmed enhance the growth and strengthening of teeth for the babies. The more you breast feed your baby, the more the nutrients it obtains. This makes extended breastfeeding advantageous because it helps babies to grow healthier. ē Boosts the immunity of babies: The motherís milk also contains proteins and vitamins that boost the immunity of babies. Babies also obtain acquired immunity directly from their mothers as they suckle. An increased immunity ensures that the body remains healthy and can be able to fight and resist diseases on their own without using drugs. Children have been breastfed for an extended period time have been said to be three times more immune to diseases compared to those babies who were breastfed for a short period of time. Extended breastfeeding ensures that the babies acquire more of the vitamins that keep them healthy. Extended breastfeeding is advantageous in many ways and so mothers should view it from a positive angle. This article has only highlighted a few important advantages.

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