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Extend Trace Route (Tracert)

Posted: 2017-10-13

Trace Route is command based tool that is widely used to trace the data path to the destination device.

For example, to check the path from my router to spidertip.com. I would type trace rout spidertip.com and that would show me all the provider IP addresses from my router to the Spidertip.com host server.

The regular trace route has some default settings that can be altered in extended trace route. In extended trace route, you can specify more options such as protocol, target IP address, source IP address, repeat count, minimum & maximum time to live, etc. These options are helpful for the network administrator to get control over how the trace route command behaves and responds.

Here is an example of extended TraceRoute:

Protocol [ip]:
Target IP address:
Source address:
Numeric display [n]:
Timeout in seconds [3]:
Probe count [3]:
Minimum Time to Live [1]:
Maximum Time to Live [30]:
Type escape sequence to abort.
Tracing the route to

1 1 msec 0 msec 0 msec

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