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explore the beauty of coxs bazar

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-08-13

Bangladesh hosts one of the top wonders of the world, longest unbroken sea beach of the world, a true the remarkable site named as Cox’s bazaar. A massive 125km long natural sandy beach located south of the port city Chaittagong. The place found it’s name from a British Indian officer named captain Hiram Cox. The place was basically a market that’s what “Bazar” of Cox’s Bazar means. Now it is a well established town hosting the top tourist destination of Bangladesh. The Bay of Bengal rests its surges in this spectacular beach where tourist enjoys the perfect relaxation. The soothing weather, the vast ocean, incessant gentle breeze and the never ending look of the beach takes you out of all the calamities and fatigue of robotic city life. Ocean has its own appeal, own influence to the people that it can take all your exhaustion and what can be best laying in the biggest beach facing glorious ocean of Bengal. Cox’s has this appeal what force the tourists come back again. You can enjoy the sunrise and sunset from the same place and the play of the colors that the sky plays or you can take a ride to this enormous beach and you can always take a bath whenever you want. Though tourists are advised not to get in the water at night time or in the time when the sea is in low tide. Sea beach is the only attraction in Cox’s Bazar. Within 18 kilometers you can experience the wonderful waterfall of Himchari and within that place you can take the stairs to go top of the mountain and experience an astounding view of the beach and mountain together. The time when security, good hotels were unavailable is gone now. Government of Bangladesh now appointed special security for the place and tourists. A number of 5 star hotels have taken place next to the beach with a good number of hotels that has decent facilities. Tourists can directly come to Cox’s Bazar from capital city of Dhaka by Air or Bus. High facilities are now served all around starting from travel vehicle to food to hotel services.

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