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exotic hill track of bangladesh bandarban

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-08-18

Bandarban district in Bangladesh is situated in the highest lands. This district has the biggest mountains of Bangladesh. The mesmerizing natural environment makes this place one of the most popular tourist destination of Bangladesh. Bandarban is located the in southeast part of Bangladesh and in Chittagong division. This is basically the place of the Marma tribe and also the home town chief or king of Marma population. For a tourist Bandarban is an exotic destination you will never want to miss when you are in Bangladesh. There are so many wonderful and astonishing places to visit to place in this district that one time visit or short visit wont be enough for nature lovers. The highest hill or peak of Bangladesh, Keokradong, numerous Buddhist temples, Shailo propat waterfall, Jadipai and the list goes on. There are some places needs to be mentioned specially, Nilgiri is one of those. Itís hill side resort and Army camp located in an exotic location. This is a high land where cloud touches the ground. You can book this resort to experience an astounding look of nature. The clouds even flow through your room at night when you sleep, itís like sleeping in the clouds. Another place is Bagakain Lake popularly known as Boga Lake which is a sweet water lake. The surprising fact that separates this lake from others is, Baga is lake is located at the top of a hill side 2000 feet above sea level. Though the transportation to this lake is not unimpeded but the outstanding view of this lake makes it worthy of visiting. Tourists can reach Bandarban via bus mainly but they can rent private cars too. Itís 8 hour long drive from capital Dhaka to Bandarban and 2 hours from Chittagong. A number of hotels and motels can be found to stay in Bandarban city. In Baga Lake there are some local hotels but accommodation is fairly good.

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