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Exercise schedule

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2016-07-29

Everybody is getting more and more conscious about health; every individual searching for one or the other way of getting fit and healthy. There are even may weight loss supplements in the market which require you to starve yourself to get in shape. But what you need is determination, dedication and creating your own exercise schedule matching your time and capability.

How to create an exercise schedule for losing weight?

Even if you don't have time to workout, there are a lot of exercises that you can do in few minutes. You should create a routine you can respect, no matter what. Figure out how much time you have and where you'll do your workout. You can make your exercise schedule more efficient if you drink more water and include some nutrition tips.

What exercises are good for quick weight loss?

Good exercise means a little sweat. That means: you need some cardio combined with exercises which will make your body look fit and curved. Before all, stretching is important: do it properly and with patience. You don't want to cause yourself stiffness, just because you didn't stretch enough. First, and most important one is squats. Next step is to find exercise moves which are adequate for your weight, strength and age. Squats, pushups, elliptical burner, mountain climber are highly recommended for fast weight loss. Do it in your own tempo and every week add two more rep. If you aren't excited about squats, there are other ways to lose weight and have fun in the same time. Add some activities in your exercise schedule that will make you move! Biking, swimming, dancing or running is great cardio exercises. Those activities might be more convenient for some.

How to stick to your exercise schedule?

Exercising is good for you, you'll look better and you're also going to feel better. The moment you see yourself in your mirror in that tight, old dress will give you self-confidence and satisfaction. The hardest thing about exercise schedule is being persistent, but here's a good advice: stick to it for 30 days no matter what. It might sound unbelievable but 31st day of exercising will be easy-going. It's never too late to create yourself an exercise schedule, when your body respond and award you with its shape and fitness, you'll ask yourself: "Why did I waited for that long to start?".

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