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Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-03-10

Once you have effectively mastered resumes, cover letters and job interview applications and received invitations for employment interviews, this is the right time to know how to look smarter and succeed with your job interview to make you closer to your objectives of getting job offers. Sometimes, people tend to judge an individual according to first impressions, and the best way to get good first impression for an employment interview is to show confidence and act smart on the job interview. Tips to ace your job interview: Dress Properly It is important during a job interview to dress properly. Dress up neat and clean and pick an outfit that is appropriate to the job you are going to apply. If you apply for business executive, you have to wear suit. In other cases, if you apply for a less-formal position, casual wear will do such as slacks and shirt. Always remember that T-shirts and jeans are big No! No!!! for job interviews. Eye Contact During the interview, you need to keep eye contact with your interviewer. Avoid acting uneasy and resist the urge of looking somewhere. Failing to give eye contact might give you the impression of hiding something or might question your honesty. Practice Interview Answers - Practicing the answers to the usual interview questions is an excellent idea. Questions such as your past job, why did you leave it and were your expectations met? You will also give questions like what is your expectation in their company and will you be an asset in their company? Practice answering to these questions while facing in the mirror so you can assess your body language. Listen and Understand the Question Before answering the question, make sure you listen carefully before giving your answer. If you do not understand the question, do not be afraid to ask again. Always remember that it is better to ask than giving the interviewer unrelated answer. If possible, try to include something you know about the company when answering questions. Be On Time Being late for the job interview is enough reason for your prospected employer not to hire you. It shows you are not reliable to get hired. It is best to come a little early to make them know you are someone they could count on. To be successful in job interviews needs research, practice, confidence and determination.

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