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disneyland paris marne la valley france

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-08-28

The Disneyland Park was constructed in Marne-La-Valley, France in the year of 1992. The engineering and the attracting layouts were totally built by the Walt Disney. The Disneyland in Paris has more than eleven million visitors recorded every year, and that is the most visited and attractive park in the continent of Europe. In the world of theme parks, the Disneyland in Paris stood no.6 as the moat visited park. The reason is obvious that why this theme park has attracted millions of user attraction, the building layouts, the animated characters and the play areas are far more than awesome. The Disneyland in Paris has different categories for everyone for an instance, there is an advanced play are where children can go and experience the games and win accorded prices, also if someone don't like to play games or probably a old person, there is a place for them in the Disneyland you dine in and have dinner watch movies or side by the small lake. The point is, Disneyland in Paris is a proper deal of dun for every kind of person. It is not possible that if somebody go in the Disneyland and get bored. The place is designed accurately and the colorful layouts look more amazing and attracting. The roller coaster is the Disneyland of Paris is breathe taking and you wouldn't have taken any dangerous ride than that because it is designed in up and down and zig-zag. Although, it is completely safe but totally breathe taking. There are many more things in the play area. There is a heavy investment for the betterment of this theme park every year. And if you live in Paris and haven't visited this theme park, you are missing a big thing. This is great Disneyland and highly recommended by the people who have visited it.

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