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discover hidden features of windows 10

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2016-01-05

Since Windows 10 is out and a great number of individuals are now running it, we should examine a percentage of the best-shrouded tips, and traps in the new OS. In case you're still going back and forth, observe: You truly do need Windows 10, notwithstanding a considerable measure of complaints we've shared in the course of recent months. It merits getting on the list for. It consolidates the best of Windows 8, super-quick start up, enhanced security, with a lot of what made Windows 7 well known and simple to utilize, and without attempting to drive you to purchase a touch screen or take in an entire arrangement of shrouded UI motion. Here are some of the hidden features that you may not have discovered yet. Outlook Mail notifications The new outlook mail app works pretty much fine but the notifications donít seem to be arising in the notification area. So to turn on the feature, go to mail settings and check the notification box manually. Start menu customization The start menu has returned finally and is even better now. You can actually customize the start menu and arrange the tiles according to your needs. You can also choose which folders to appear on the menu and discard the ones you donít like. Iconizing Cortana In the view of the fact that Cortana is utilizing much space on the taskbar and you are running out of space, then right-click on the taskbar and simply iconize Cortana. In this way, it will appear like an icon just the way other things are present there. Changing the search engine Every search engine is set to Bing.com by default in Microsoft edge. But you can surely change it to some other engine of your interest by going in the settings of the browser and clicking advanced settings. There you will find the search engine bar. So these were the things that you might want to change but were unable to find. So try the above options and discover more out of Windows 10.

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